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Mechanics-mathematics faculty

Faculty of mechanics and mathematics has been initially founded on basis of the Faculty of physics and mathematics, which started its work in Baku State University in the academic year of 1920-1921. Professor V.F.Razdorski was the first-ever dean of this faculty. From 1921 to 1930 the faculty has been including the Departments of exact mathematics and applied mathematics.

During the academic year of 1958-1959, the Faculty of physics and mathematics was divided into two separate faculties – Faculty of mechanics and mathematics and the Faculty of physics. Professor A.I.Huseynov, full member of the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan, was the first dean of the Faculty of mechanics and mathematics. Since then, that position was held by Professor A.R.Mahmudov, Professor M.G.Gasimov, corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan, Professor Goshgar Ahmedov, corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan, Professor Gember Namazov, Associate Professor Rustam Sultanov, Professor Arif Babayev, corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan, and Professor Sadig Abdullayev. Today, the faculty is headed by Professor Nizameddin Iskenderov.

The faculty has always been a work place for well-known scientists, such as A.A.Buchstab, Y.B.Lopatinsky, A.S.Kovanko, E.I.Yelkin, B.A.Rosenfeld, V.A.Tartakovsky as well as prominent Azeri mathematicians like full members of the Academy of Science of Azerbaijan Zahid Halilov, Ashraf Huseynov, Ibrahim Ibrahimov, Majid Rasulov, Azad Mirzajanzadeh, Memmedbey Efendiyev, Mirabbas Gasimov, Jalal Allahverdiyev, Faramaz Maksudov, Akif Hajiyev, corresponding members Maksud Javadov, Yusif Emenzadeh, Goshgar Ahmedov, Arif Babayev, Yahya Mamedov, only few to name. All of them have contributed enormously to the good of faculty, helping to raise its scientific potential and its capacity to train high skilled specialists.

Faculty of mechanics and mathematics has a special place in the development of mathematics in Azerbaijan. There are two modes of tuition in the faculty: full-time and part-time. More than 1200 students are currently being trained in the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Research priorities of the faculty are singular integral equations theory, partial differential equations theory, spectral theory of operators and inverse problems of spectral analysis, optimal control theory, embedding theory for functional spaces, approximate calculation methods for equations, actual problems of algebra, geometry and topology, modern problems of the theory of elasticity and plasticity, gas and fluid mechanics, aeromechanics. The faculty consists of 9 departments and 3 laboratories.


Bachelor’s degree

1. Mathematics

2. Mathematics teacher

3. Mechanics

Master’s degree

1. Mathematical analysis

2. Functional analysis

3. Differential equations

4. Geometry

5. Algebra and topology

6. Computational mathematics

7. Mathematics teaching methodology

8. Mathematical methods of theory of optimal processes

9. Deformable solid mechanics

10. Fluid, gas and plasma mechanics

Doctoral studies

(Ph.D., Doctor of Sciences)

1. Mathematical analysis

2. Differential and integral equations

3. Mathematical physics

4. Geometry and topology

5.Deformable solid mechanics

6. Fluid, gas and plasma mechanics


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