On December 6, 2022 at 10:15 a.m., a scientific seminar will be held at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in room 506. Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences Sarvan Tahmez ogly Huseynov will make a presentation at the seminar “Harnack’s inequality for solutions of the (p,q)-Laplace equation, which uniformly degenerates in some part of the domain due to a small parameter.”

The report will consider the p(x)-Laplace equation with the exponent p(x) in a two-phase medium. It will be shown that the classical Harnack inequality is not true for the entire domain, and a special type of Harnack inequality will be proved for non-negative solutions of the p(x)-Laplace equation, which degenerates uniformly in some part of the domain due to a small parameter.

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