A scientific seminar will be held on June 07, 2022 at 10:15 in the 506nd auditorium of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. At the seminar, the head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Continuum Mechanics, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Sevdimaliev Yusif Mohammedali oglu will make a report  “Determination of the bearing capacity of solid bodies and thin-walled structural elements under creep under irradiation with a neutron flux”

There is a growing interest in the analysis of the formation of various forms of creep in special equipment, rocket and space technology and vehicles, aircraft and other aircraft structures. Evaluation of the stress-strain state (SSS) and regulation of operational resources. The analysis of the susceptibility abilities and strength properties of structural elements operating at high stresses and high temperatures is carried out by assessing the severity of the deformed state SSS and regulating the operating resources, taking into account interactions with the environment.

Proved the variation theorem in the case of driving, the application of direct methods for calculating the variation for various structural elements and using this theorem Determination of SSS on three-dimensional theories. A variational method for irradiating inhomogeneous anisotropic elastoplastic bodies with a neutron flux at small deformations is proposed.

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