On November 23, 2021, at 11:00 am the next  scientific seminar of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics will be held. At the seminar, the professor of the Department of “Computational matthematics” of the Mechanics and Mathematics faculty, Doctor of  Mathematical Sciences Vagif Rza oglu Ibrahimov will speech on the theme “Application multistep methods of hybrid type to the numerical solution of the initial value problem for a ODE  of the  second-order  with  a special structure”.

İn the presentation  have considering  the numerical solution of the initial value problem for  ODE  of the second order with the special structure. It is known that one of the best methods  to solve this type of problem is the Stermer-Werlet method

For the increasing  of  accuarcy of the Stermer-Werlet method here constacted  hybrid methods and  have find  the maxmial value of the  accuracy  for stable and unstable methods.

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