March 31 Genocide commemorated


An event has been held at BSU to commemorate March 31 Genocide. Rector, academician Abel Maharramov said genocide of Azerbaijanis was committed with special cruelty in different regions of the country. “For many long years this genocide had not received a due political and legal assessment. This assessment was given in accordance with the decree of national leader Heydar Aliyed dated March 26, 1998. Under this decree, March 31 has been marked as the Day of genocide of Azerbaijanis on a yearly basis at the state level.”

Professor Anar Iskenderov provided information on the documents relating to the genocide  and assessed massacre as  crime against the Azerbaijani people. A group of teachers and students of the Faculty of Journalism visited the Guba Genocide Memorial Complex.

Press and İnformation Department, 31 March, 2015.

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