The next faculty seminar


On May 27,2021, at 11:00 am the next online scientific seminar of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics will be held. At the seminar, professor of the Department of Theoretical and Continuum Mechanics, Mechanics and Mathematics faculty, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Yusif Mamedali oglu Sevdimaliyev will speech on the theme “Problems of statics and dynamics on the bearing capacity of structural elements and bodies”.

The report will be discussed as an object of research, the influence of imperfect contact conditions between layers of a hollow sandwich sphere on its natural frequencies is studied. It is assumed that the materials of face layers are the same, but different from the core layer material. Each layer is made of a homogeneous isotropic material and has a constant thickness. Investigations are performed using a piecewise homogeneous body model with the use of exact three-dimensional equations and relations of elastodynamics. The solution of the corresponding equations of motion of the hollow sandwich sphere is presented through the Helmholtz potentials in spherical coordinates. Numerical results for the influence of imperfect contact conditions between layers on the natural frequencies of the sphere are presented and discussed. It is established that an imperfect contact between sphere layers can decrease its natural frequencies significantly.

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